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For a true Berkshire Getaway, enhance the Chambery's three R's of Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation with one of our in room Massage Packages. No need to go anywhere! Simply book a time and we bring the spa to the comfort of your Suite.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves kneading, compression, effleurage and other strokes designed to relax tight muscles. Each Swedish massage session can be customized to your liking. Any of the following techniques may be included: deep tissue, myosfascial release, PNF stretching or trigger point therapy. Therapeutic work, postural assessment as well as pre and post event sports massage are available.

Thai Massage

Thai yoga/massage is a form of assisted stretching combined with breathing techniques and acupressure. The client is guided through a sequence of stretches designed to open up the body and unblock restrictions. Clients should wear loose-fitting clothes.  

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage originated in the southwest. Black basalt stones are heated and placed along the body?s chakras. Energy flow is stimulated through compression, tapping and stroking. The mass of the stones ?overburden? the body creating a sense of lightness afterwards while the heat gives a hydrotherapy advantage.  

Sugar Scrub & Wrap

This body treatment involves a full-body exfoliation to renew skin and bring back that natural glow; your choice of citrus body polish (with apricot seed powder), sandalwood, pomango or green tea lemongrass cleansing body scrub. The body is lightly scrubbed and massaged, then you are wrapped in special blankets to increase heat and let the product absorb deeply. The exfoliant balm is then removed using steamed towels and your body and skin is completely renewed, refreshed and nourished. (Please see the essential oils section at the end of this menu for information on selecting a scrub.)

Feet, Hands and Ears!

Did you know that important reflexology points exist in the feet, hands and ears? This wonderful service uses reflexology and acupressure techniques to stimulate these points and bring your body into harmony. Each point on your foot corresponds to a different internal organ according to reflexology theory. Sink into this service and enjoy; it?s especially great for clients who are on their feet all day or just need a welcome break from the stresses of life.

Pre and Post-natal Massage

Using Swedish techniques, clients are relieved of some of the discomforts of childbearing. In a sidelying or semi-reclined position, a variety of gentle approaches are used to address specific issues like headaches, back pain or sciatica. Because massage has an endocrine effect, some clients may choose to use bodywork post-partum as well. Please advise Todd as to how far along you are; any specific complaints or doctor recommendations and personal preferences.  

Sports Massage, Pre & Post Event

Whether preparing to compete or dealing with delayed onset soreness (DOS) afterwards, bodywork can be a critical component of your training program. Stretches are used to keep athletes limber and help avoid injury. A faster paced session designed to stimulate and energize is utilized for pre-event. Post-event involves techniques to assist with muscle recovery and reduce edema or pain. By flushing out muscle contraction byproducts, DOS can be avoided and you can get back to the competition.  

Structural Bodywork

Sessions begin with a postural assessment that includes how you stand, sit, walk and move; range of motion is tested. Any specific complaint is traced back to possible structural causes, either along myofascial lines or that may follow trigger point referral patterns. Using deep tissue and myofasical release techniques as well as neuromuscular, the client is brought back into balance. Light weights are used to strengthen weak muscles found during resistive tests; stretches are done for contracted muscles that may be pulling joints out of line and causing pain. A treatment plan is designed to address the structural causes of pain, increase range of motion and help clients to move more efficiently. (With permission from the client, Todd can also work with the client?s healthcare team if physical therapists, physiatrists, neurologists, pain specialists or doctors of osteopathy are also involved.)

Restorative Massage

This gentle application employs minimal oil/lotion on the skin with a focus on relaxing the nervous system, stimulating the lymphatic system for optimal detoxification plus organizing and aligning layers of skin and fascia. Smooth, fluid movement using a push and release technique, gentle friction, vibration, myofascial release, moderate range of motion, lymphatic drainage and energy work comprise the collection of techniques employed in this modality to bring holistic benefits to the mind and body. It is ideal for wellness upkeep and people with sensitivities or lowered immunity.

Head, Scalp, Jaw, Face & Neck Treatment

Pain and stiffness in the jaw or neck? There is a solution! We all carry tension in our jaws for a variety of reasons, including stress and unconscious clenching. Plus, our neck muscles are constantly working (along with the rest of the spine) to support the carriage of the head for good posture. With more than fifty intricate facial muscles and six major neck muscles it is no wonder that we need softening and releasing here! Receive a head, neck and face massage using delicate movements to restore mobility and gentle lymphatic release to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Excellent for TMJ, headaches, neck injuries as well as those affected by Bell?s Palsy. It?s a great service for restoring vibrancy, tonus, and ease of movement. Can improve appearance and reduce pain with long lasting effects.

Feldenkrais Functional Integration®

Custom-tailored to the individual, using very gentle manipulations on the clothed body, these sessions convey the experience of comfort, pleasure and ease of movement as you explore more efficient and effective patterns of mobility. A primary goal is to become more conscious of how you ?organize? body motions, and to move using more expanded and functional motor patterns through the guidance of a Feldenkrais practitioner. Fantastic for anyone with minor aches and pains as well as serious neurological problems, Feldenkrais can help those who simply want to move with more grace, freedom and ease. Can?t lift your arms beyond your shoulders or bend your neck comfortably? Have hip replacement surgery, scoliosis or recovering from a stroke? A single session will recharge communication between your brain, muscles and skeletal configuration; multiple sessions can be transformative in the way you move and feel about your body changing motor-spatial responses. Holistic practices worldwide use this internationally renowned method?particularly in Europe, Israel, and Australia.

A Special Feldenkrais (Range of Motion) Foot and Ankle Lesson

Our feet provide the foundation for everything we do while upright. And as we know, a healthy foundation can make all the difference in our posture. Our feet and ankles are extraordinary examples of flexibility in movement. Yet most of us put enormous demands on our feet while ignoring basic structural considerations that would make for easier walking. In this specialized lesson, you and your body will gain greater experiential understanding of what it means to be grounded and stable on your feet. You will learn techniques to improve comfort and function as well as how to alleviate pain caused by common foot problems.


Reiki means ?Universal Life Energy.? It is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, or no touch techniques (while the client is fully clothed) with the goal of improving the flow of energy. Reiki helps reduce stress, is very calming, stimulates the immune system, increases energy and relieves pain. The effect of Reiki is soothing and positive?working for a variety of ailments. It?s also wonderful for individuals with contraindications who cannot receive Swedish bodywork.

Cupping Massage

This method uses glass cups on the body to create negative pressure and suction. The net effect is a loosening of adhesions, draining of excess fluid and the removal of toxins as connective tissue is lifted and softened. It promotes increased blood flow to stagnant muscle and skin eliminating ischemic conditions and pain.  

Craniosacral Therapy

The therapist gently places their hands on the patient (while dressed) connecting to the craniosacral rhythm. The practitioner gently works with the spine/sacrum, skull and cranial sutures, diaphragm as well as fascial structures. Nerve passage restrictions are eased; the movement of cerebrospinal fluid around the spinal cord is optimized and balanced while misaligned bones are restored to the proper position. This therapy is used to treat mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ syndrome and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia; occasionally it is also used for balance issues or when clients report feeling ?out of sorts.? (This alternative medicinal therapy is used by osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths and chiropractors.)


 Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at 50% of cost.

No-shows for appointments will be billed at full cost.

Session length will be reduced if client is late for appointment. Client is responsible for full cost of session. Receipts will be provided upon advance request (mention when booking session).

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