Chambery Inn
199 Main St.
Lee, MA, 01238, United States
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Deluxe Firespa

104 fireplace firespa 4 firespa 5 firespa 3 firespa 7 firespa 2 firespa 6 104 chambery inn slideshow

La Savoie Deluxe

Our romantic "Firespa" suite with Jacuzzi for two.

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Deluxe Schoolhouse Suites

2Deluxe suite Bathroom 1Deluxe suite Bedroom 303 7Deluxe Suite Kuerig 9Deluxe suite Seating Area 303 8Deluxe suite Towel rack 303 chambery inn slideshow

Le Lycee

The exquisite Lycee provides an impeccable setting for your holiday.

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best 302 Lanormandie4 4Deluxe Suite Desk 302 5Deluxe suite Seating area 302 6Deluxe suite Bedroom 302 Lanormandie3 7Deluxe Suite Kuerig 8Deluxe suite Towel rack

La Normandie

Refined elegance is captured in La Normandie.

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Petitpalais2 203 br 4Deluxe Suite Desk 302 3Deluxe suite Bedroom 301 10Deluxe suite Seating area 301 7Deluxe Suite Kuerig 8Deluxe suite Towel rack 301 chambery inn slideshow

Petit Palais

The "Little Palace" offers spacious luxury.

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School House Suites

lasedgwick2 lasedgwick4 203 203 br 27Schoolhouse suite Bedroom 203 26Schoolhouse Suite seating area 203 203 chambery inn slideshow

La Sedgwick

La Sedgwick offers the flexibility of two queen-sized beds in a beautifully appointed and very spacious room.

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201 28Schoolhouse Suite Bathroom 201 30Schoolhouse Suite Bedroom 201 29Schoolhouse Suite Seating Area 201

La Chambre

One of our original Schoolhouse Suites, La Chambre is elegantly appointed with a king canopy bed.

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32 31Schoolhouse Suite Seating Area 202 202 chambery inn slideshow


Its authentic roll-top desk makes L'Aubusson a favorite with guests!

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Standard Rooms

17Standard King Bed 18Standard King Bedroom 19Standard King Seating Area

La Chambrette

La Chambrette is our economy oriented "Little Chamber," a room as charming as its name.

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Handicap Accessible

14 Standard Queen Room 15Standard Queen Seating 16Standard Queen Bathroom Toilet 16Standard Queen Bathroom tub


A traditional room with great charm, L'Atelier is completely handicapped accessible.

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